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Be a Game Changer for America's Emerging Leaders!

Game Changers are individuals who make things happen. In the face of adversity, they are the ones who step up and lead. When it's time to lead the change they want to see in the world the Game Changers are Visionaries, Innovators, Sustainers, and Champions!

Visionary ($25 Monthly | $300+ Annually)

Innovator ($100 Monthly | $1,200+ Annually)

Sustainer ($208 Monthly | $2,500+ Annually)

Champion ($417 Monthly | $5,000+ Annually)

Your Ongoing Support is Needed!

Every year NUF relies on its annual giving campaigns to help meet budgetary needs that Mentors do not cover.

Support from alumni and individuals, corporate/foundation matching gifts, grants from our corporate and foundation partners, a Fellow co-investment, and our Board of Directors all help to ensure that NUF continues to deliver the MPA Fellowship experience that has defined this organization for decades.

This year we are welcoming 27 Fellows into the National Urban Fellows family, which means NUF needs at least $80K per month just to sustain our programmatic expenses.

Your gift as a member of our new Game Changers Giving Society can ensure NUF remains fiscally strong and have the financial resources necessary through our 50th Anniversary in 2019 to continue providing a unique game changing experience for America's future leaders!

Game Changer Perks:


  • Personalized magnetic name tag with your name and Game Changer Status (*Name tags will be given by NUF staff at every event so that you never have to worry about forgetting it).
  • Listing in all of NUF's publications (whether online or on print) alongside our key sponsors including our 50th Anniversary Program and Entrance Pop-up Banner
  • 50th Anniversary "Game Changer" Seating Area (4th Tier)
  • Registration Waiver and Discounted Hotel Room at Mid-Year Conference
  • Game Changers VIP Social/Excursion at Mid-Year Conference


All Visionaries' Perks +
  • Exclusive breakfast/lunch with President and select luminary in your hometown
  • 50th Anniversary "Game Changer" Seating Area (3rd Tier)


All Innovators' Perks +

  • An honorable mention at the Class of 2017 Graduation and 2018 Mid-Year Conference
  • 50th Anniversary "Game Changer" Seating Area (2nd Tier)


All Sustainers' Perks +

  • 50th Anniversary VIP 1st Tier Seating Area
  • VIP Dinner/Evening Excursion with President and Board Leadership at Mid-Year Conference and Anniversary Celebration
  • Annual Report Spotlight/Mailed Copy of Annual Report (if desired)